Orchardleigh Wedding of Rachael & Kieran

Rachael and Keiran’s Orchardleigh Wedding Photography


Orchardleigh is a Victorian Gothic masterpiece.  It’s a bit big for Miss Pussycat and me, but I could get used to it.  It would give me somewhere to store all my car magazines and my priceless collection of nuts and bolts and various useful items that defy categorisation that Miss Pussycat doesn’t appreciate and will definitely, probably, maybe, come in handy one day – so I’m not throwing them away.  Someone who would appreciate the finer points of Orchardleigh is an architect, which is probably why Rachael and Kieran chose it for their wedding, as they are both architects. Now,  I’ve  seen quite a few episodes of Grand Designs and architects have a language all of their own.  You need “vision” – and lots of it.  Buildings have “drama”  and projects have more  “juxtaposing” stories than a thriller by Agatha Christie.  There’s usually lots of “vista”  and more “passion” than Jane Austen ever dreamed of. So we were sort of expecting this from Rachael and Kieran, along with a detailed blueprint and artists impressions of what the finished wedding would be like.  In the end Rachael’s very detailed and precise intructions – which we had to follow to the letter –  were simple – turn up and take some photographs.  So there you have it in a nutshell.

Rachael’s fabulous vintage wedding dress came from… the Vintage Wedding Dress Company  with shoes from Christian LouboutinHair was by Crowning Glory from Bristol.  Rachael’s girls were very stylish in their Diana Von Furstenburg dresses.  The fabulous  flowers were from Lesleys Flowers  in Frome.   Orchardleigh has a fleet of Rolls-Royce cars and the Silver Cloud 3 is their own car – just the thing for a quick spin around the estate what what.